Support & FAQs

How do I access all of the website content?

You can receive updates featuring all of our content in the free daily newsletter, The Juice. Just sign up now. All content not marked ‘Premium’ is free to access. To access Mandarin Premium content, you can sign up to a monthly, annual or group subscription. Get all the information, including rates and subscriber benefits, here. Or see our FAQs below.

How often is your newsletter, The Juice, sent out?

The Juice is sent out each weekday, excluding most public holidays.

How do I cancel or make changes to the emails you send me?

You can make these changes by going to the ‘update your email preferences’ link, featured in the footer of the emails you receive.

Why am I not receiving The Juice?

There are two different areas that can affect the delivery of email newsletters like The Juice bulletin. In some instances the bulletin is blocked at a high level, by your mail server, ISP or some other kind of SPAM filter, which means the bulletin isn’t even making its way to your mail client. In the other instance the mail client you’re using may be sending the bulletin into your Junk/SPAM folder.

As a first step we would recommend checking your Junk/SPAM folder to ensure the bulletin isn’t sitting in there. We would then advise you to add “[email protected]” to your address book, to help inform your mail client to recognise The Mandarin as a safe sender.

If your email server returns a ‘soft bounce’ five times or a ‘hard bounce’ just once on your address, then our mailer will flag it ‘do not email’. Updating your email address and reconfirming it will soon reset that flag.

If these measures do not help to get your delivery back on track, please contact support at [email protected].

FAQs about Mandarin Premium

Q: How often is Mandarin Premium content released? 
One to two items of Mandarin Premium content (marked with a ‘Premium’ tag) are published daily, Monday to Friday, and are featured in the daily newsletter ‘The Juice’, and in our Saturday weekly wrap Mandarin Premium email.

Q: How do I receive newsletters?
If you are a paid Mandarin Premium subscriber, you will automatically receive these emails. If you would like to receive our free daily newsletter, featuring many items that are free to access, you can subscribe here.

Q: Are group subscriptions to Mandarin Premium available for organisations?
Yes, please submit your information via this form and we will be in touch with you to discuss packages and the terms of usage.

Q: How do I cancel my Mandarin Premium subscription?
You can change the preferences of your Mandarin Premium subscription via the subscriber portal, which can be found in the top right hand corner of your screen when you’re on the site.

Q: How do I update my credit card details?
You can update your credit card details used for your Mandarin Premium subscription via the subscriber portal, which can be found in the top right hand corner of your screen when you’re on the site and logged in.

Q: Where can I see when my subscription is due for renewal?
For details about your subscription to  Mandarin Premium, head to the subscriber portal, which can be found in the top right hand corner of your screen when you’re on the site.

Q: How do I find out about my member benefits?
All annual Mandarin Premium subscribers are eligible to take up various subscriber benefits. For more information on these, head to the member dashboard at the top right hand side of the screen when you’re logged into the site (you should see your name there).

Q: I still have questions!
Never fear – we’ll help you answer them as soon as we can. Please email us at [email protected].

FAQs about Mandarin Careers

Q: What makes your advertising platform different to others? 

Mandarin Careers is much more than an advertising site, it’s an essential resource public sector leaders read and rely on to advance their careers. It arrives in public sector leaders’ inboxes every day, including retired senior executives, and leaders from higher education, industry, not for profit organisations and consultancies who work with the public sector.  

This gives you niche, nationwide access to valuable ‘passive’ senior job seekers in the public sector. Unlike other public sector recruitment sites, we also publish regular content on movements in and out of government related work. 

This all means unparalleled access to the best people ready to fill your position. 

Q: Who is your audience?

Let’s start with the numbers. The Mandarin reaches 1.5 million public sector readers and the many stakeholders interested in their work each year.  The Juice newsletter is sent to 23,670+ engaged readers daily.

Our audience is made up of public sector leaders across Australia, including retired senior executives, and leaders from higher education, industry, not for profit organisations and consultancies who are engaged in our news and professional development content on public sector matters.  

Q: Can I create an employer profile page without having to post a job? 

Yes. To position your workplace as an employer of choice, you can include content, video and infographics. You can provide your own content or we can help you customise and position your content. All of this can be amplified on The Mandarin’s platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the The Juice newsletter, which is sent daily to our audience. Contact [email protected] to get started. 

Q: Do you create bespoke content

Yes, we have a team of journalists who have a wealth of knowledge in the public sector who can create content to suit your audience.  To explore various options and angles, make sure you contact [email protected]

Q:  Do you offer packages?

Watch this space. At the moment, we are in the BETA phase and will be welcoming feedback for alternative options. During our initial testing, our users highlighted a preference for single job postings.

Q: What are the inclusions for a job post?

Inclusions for both ‘featured’ and ‘standard’ listings:

  • Listing includes multiple selection options for vocation, industry and location, avoiding the need to post the job several times.
  • Up to 30 day listing.
  • Option to complement job listing with an employer profile page (profile page remains active for 12 months) – enquire about our range of employer profile branding options – content, video, infographics.
  • Option to develop text ads for amplification on our Mandarin website and in the daily ‘The Juice’ newsletter.
  • Formal launch mid 2020 will include listing in fortnightly Mandarin Careers newsletter.

 Q: What is the difference between a ‘featured’ and a ‘standard’ job post?

For $350 + GST, your standard job post is an affordable option that will provide you with a job listing on the Mandarin Careers landing page (share of voice 25% of time).

For $580 + GST, your ‘featured’ job post receives ‘amplification’ to an engaged audience of readers who might not actively be looking for jobs on the Mandarin Careers page.  Your featured job post is amplified in our daily newsletter and on the The Mandarin news landing page, with reach to our engaged audience of leaders interested in public sector news – giving your reach to a ‘passive’ candidate base.

Q: Can I add more than one job in a post?

Yes. You’re given the option to add another job listing at the checkout’s payment stage.

Q: When will the platform be formally launched?

The Mandarin Careers platform will be formally launched in May 2020. We welcome enquiries from organisations wishing to explore a foundational partnership, and from those wishing to align senior executive job and organisational promotion campaigns with the launch.

Q: How do I measure the success on my job posting? Will you have reporting options?

We will be able to provide data from google analytics if you select the ‘featured’ job listing option. Formal reporting functionality will be available from May 2020.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I have a Premium subscription or if I have attended a Mandarin Live event?

For BETA, customers with a Premium content group subscription or who have attended a Mandarin Live event, can access a discount on a job listing.  We are inviting expressions of interest for ‘foundational partners’ to benefit from a package of options across our professional development products.

Q: Can a search firm logo and organisation logo be added for a job listing?

Not while we’re still in BETA stage. Only the Organisation with which the job is associated, can have their logo included. You will be able to add a search firm logo at the formal launch of the platform.

Q:  More questions?  Please contact [email protected]