How do I access all of the website content?

We want you to sample our best content online but will eventually ask you to register some details so we can send you our daily email newsletter, The Juice. Just sign up now. It’s entirely free to register and read.

How often is your newsletter, The Juice, sent out?

The Juice is sent out each weekday, excluding most public holidays. We also shut down over a slightly longer period at the end of the year.

Why am I not receiving The Juice?

There are two different areas that can affect the delivery of email newsletters like The Juice bulletin. In some instances the bulletin is blocked at a high level, by your mail server, ISP or some other kind of SPAM filter, which means the bulletin isn’t even making its way to your mail client. In the other instance the mail client you’re using may be sending the bulletin into your Junk/SPAM folder.

As a first step we would recommend checking your Junk/SPAM folder to ensure the bulletin isn’t sitting in there. We would then advise you to add “[email protected]” to your address book, to help inform your mail client to recognise The Mandarin as a safe sender.

If your email server returns a ‘soft bounce’ five times or a ‘hard bounce’ just once on your address, then our mailer will flag it ‘do not email’. Updating your email address and reconfirming it will soon reset that flag.

If these measures do not help to get your delivery back on track, please contact support at [email protected].

Need more information?

For all other enquiries please contact the editor at [email protected].