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Accountability in an age of democratic disquiet

This is an edited extract from the 2018 Solomon Lecture, delivered by Professor Ken Smith, ANZSOG Dean and CEO, in Brisbane on Monday at the Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland to mark International Right to Information Day (September 28). Read More

Janine O’Flynn’s new public management gig

Public servants will know University of Melbourne Professor Janine O'Flynn as the co-author of books like Rethinking Public Service Delivery, editing Australian Journal of Public Administration, and for work contributing to the Australian Public Service Commission's Ahead of the Game – Blueprint for the Reform of Australian Government Administration. Read More

7 lessons from the ANZSOG case library

If your job involved poring over the best and the worst of government, you'd probably pick up a few things. ANZSOG's Marinella Padula has done just that and identified the top lessons for program leadership, design and evaluation. Read More

Gary Banks: ANZSOG conference takeaways

Technology and cynicism in the Information Age prompted questions of transparency and engagement at this week's ANZSOG conference. The school's dean, Professor Gary Banks, outlines some key themes and ideas from the unashamedly "insiders" event of the year. Read More

Gary Sturgess: a middle way for contestability

ANZSOG's Professor Gary Sturgess has written a paper making the case for contestability. The word has come to mean many different things, as synonym for "competition" or a soft alternative to "outsourcing", but the former mandarin says the concept is much richer than that. Read More