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The public sector cloud conundrum

Cloud services are on the agenda of public sector organisations to drive efficiencies, enable mobility for in-field operations, and turbocharge their digital culture transformation programs to improve citizen engagement and experience. Read More

Why Azure is a gamechanger for government

Agencies have for years played on the margins of cloud, only to find choices and progress constrained amid concerns over security, sovereignty, governance and resilience. Microsoft Azure’s launch for government coupled with its official ASD rating as a ‘Protected’ level provider changes that -- big time. Read More

Outsourcing accountability?

Cost driven outsourcing may shift responsibility but doesn't shift accountability. Former Victorian privacy commissioner David Watts looks at the recent Defence contractor cyber breach and how the shaping the narrative has overtaken more rigorous security governance. Read More

How to survive in the Wild West of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived, and government agencies are looking to protect themselves from its threats while still reaping its benefits. But with IoT security almost non-existent and standards still far away, what are the practical steps government needs to take to mitigate very real attack risks? Read More

CIA leak: a son of Snowden?

The most recent CIA leak, via Wikileaks, shows governments must consider the ethical questions that drive staff to leak classified information. Do citizens have an absolute right to be informed? Read More