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Data collection

How do you define healthy in kids?

When you have a blood test, your results are compared to what’s considered ‘normal’ in order to work out suitable treatment, but this vital step is missing in diagnosing children. University of Melbourne's Associate Professor Vera Ignjatovic and Xavier Busuttil-Crellin explain their research aimed at understanding how to prevent, diagnose and treat disease in children. Read More

Rod Sims: don’t rely on amateur journalists

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims delivered a speech to the International Institute of Communications - Telecommunications and Media Forum on the regulation for competition, discussing the changing world of media, the international context and the ACCC's digital platforms inquiry. Read More

Breaking the data silos: including Indigenous Australians in the data-driven world

It is only through sharing data and changing the culture around data usage that we can uncover new insights and put data to good use, says Professor Ian Anderson, Deputy Secretary for Indigenous Affairs at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Anderson tackles some of these issues and calls for a way forward in his address to Breaking the Data Silos. Read More