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Donald Trump

Tom Burton: plan B needed for possible Trump meltdown

An unpredictable US administration and a volatile domestic political environment suggest it is time for countries like Australia to have well formed contingencies in case things unravel in dangerous ways for the world economy and key strategic relationships. Read More

Tom Burton: how the gray lady narrates Trump’s world

The New York Times is playing a pivotal role explaining the Trump administration's often unpredictable behaviour for the world's foreign policy community. That it is a global liberal institution like the Times writing Trump's story angers many of his base supporters. Read More

Kim Beazley: making the Trump administration work for Australia

Australia's policy interests with the United States are already stabilising, despite what the commentariat suggest about state of the alliance, says former Ambassador to Washington Kim Beazley. Trump's lack of policy nous can be a positive, if the PM can engage him in meaningful dialogue. Read More

Tom Burton: Turnbull trumped by the new order

Neo-nationalism is colliding with the new social world at a staggering pace. Malcolm Turnbull might have hoped to share a common understanding with the new US President, but has never been shy to give as good as he gets. Read More

Many of us don’t understand Americans

Australian governments cannot presume that United States policy will be well judged. But there are steps it can take, as an ally and friend, to encourage multilateralism even while some in Trump's administration seek to provoke. Read More

Whither the alliance under President Trump?

An optimistic Malcolm Turnbull seems to be the only one who believes international relations under Trump will be business as usual. It's anyone's guess what US foreign policy will look like, but there are plenty of risks for Australia. Read More