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Learning from failure and success

Evaluation of policies and programs together with a culture which learns from success and failure is pivotal in producing evidence for effective policy development and… Read More

7 lessons from the ANZSOG case library

If your job involved poring over the best and the worst of government, you'd probably pick up a few things. ANZSOG's Marinella Padula has done just that and identified the top lessons for program leadership, design and evaluation. Read More

PM&C sets high standards for Indigenous affairs evaluation

Federal Indigenous affairs bureaucrats have released a draft of their new evaluation framework, eight months after the Commonwealth committed $40 million over four years to evaluate policies in the portfolio and put a highly regarded university professor in the driving seat. Read More

Who ever heard of an independent evaluation?

There is no elephant in any of the rooms at the convention centre where the Australasian Evaluation Society is staging its annual conference in Canberra this week; it took centre stage in the opening keynote presentation. Read More

Social impact bonds: how much evaluation is too much?

Increased rigour in evaluation is one of the oft-touted reasons for using social impact bonds, but some providers worry it's sucking up resources for service delivery. A new paper asks whether they are better than standard payment by results contracts. Read More