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What happens on Yammer, stays on Yammer

In case anyone was wondering, comments from most public servants on the workplace social networking app Yammer will typically be exempt from release under the federal Freedom of Information Act. Read More

Accountability in an age of democratic disquiet

This is an edited extract from the 2018 Solomon Lecture, delivered by Professor Ken Smith, ANZSOG Dean and CEO, in Brisbane on Monday at the Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland to mark International Right to Information Day (September 28). Read More

Victoria fills out info commission, DTA’s former digital identity lead in privacy role

The Victorian government has appointed two deputies to its newly established Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, which combines responsibilities for privacy and access to state government information. Rachel Dixon, the former head of digital identity projects at the Digital Transformation Agency, is responsible for privacy and data protection. Executive director Stephen Mumford has been acting in the role.  Read More

Stats on secrecy: national FOI data shows the leaders and laggards in transparency

The Northern Territory's public servants don't receive that many applications for the release of government information, but when they do, they reject more than their counterparts in any other government. Queensland and Tasmania are not far behind in terms of blocking access, according to new national statistics on the use of Freedom of Information schemes (or Right to Information in Qld and Tasmania) for each government except the ACT. Read More

Victoria poaches WA information commissioner for new office

Victoria has poached Western Australia's information commissioner, but he gets to keep the same job title in a newly established office that opens its doors in Melbourne tomorrow with combined responsibility for privacy protection and public access to government information. Read More