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Foreign policy

Tom Burton: how the gray lady narrates Trump’s world

The New York Times is playing a pivotal role explaining the Trump administration's often unpredictable behaviour for the world's foreign policy community. That it is a global liberal institution like the Times writing Trump's story angers many of his base supporters. Read More

Tom Burton: mokita and the mad king

The sudden and rapid collapse of US foreign policy administrative infrastructure has left Australia particularly exposed, leaving our diplomats scratching their heads about what to do. Read More

Whither the alliance under President Trump?

An optimistic Malcolm Turnbull seems to be the only one who believes international relations under Trump will be business as usual. It's anyone's guess what US foreign policy will look like, but there are plenty of risks for Australia. Read More

Who drafts the foreign policy white paper?

We don't yet know who will draft Julie Bishop's foreign policy white paper, but if history is a guide it'll be a small group in DFAT. Having a strategy will helps you avoid drifting off course, explain foreign policy experts. Read More