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Is government prepared for the analytics economy?

The volume of data government generates, collects, exchanges and analyses is going through the roof. So what does it take to create a sound governance model that not only meets public expectations but can still glean useful context, intelligence and solid evidence to power effective policy? Read More

ATO’s anti-fraud squad knows the type who think they won’t get caught

It's not just flashy crims that anti-fraud investigators are watching. The risk of the trusted insider — officials rationalising bad behaviour by a self-assessment of being underpaid and undervalued, or seeking to protect others — is very real, yet the ATO has a very low rate of malfeasance. That's down to a solid corruption control plan. Read More

Tax commissioner Chris Jordan opens up at Estimates

First with its web services going down and now the dramatic conclusion of a major fraud investigation, the Australian Taxation Office has found itself in the news a lot lately. Tax commissioner Chris Jordan gave updates on both in a statement at Budget Estimates yesterday. Read More