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The future of autonomous vehicles lies in the cloud

Many experts believe that autonomous vehicles will be ready for public use on Australian roads by 2020. Operation of autonomous vehicles will be heavily reliant on a robust cloud system that enables vehicles to communicate with infrastructure in order to navigate its surroundings safely. While autonomous driving technology from an automotive standpoint exists today, infrastructure still has some way to go in supporting this technology beyond controlled trials. Read More

Google boosts government tweets in search results

There are now several billion more reasons for government tweets to relate to the current events and conversations happening in the community. New changes to Google's search results make it even more critical for agencies to consider Twitter in their search engine optimisation and reputation management strategies. Read More

Why Google still can’t use Victoria’s bushfire data

Sometimes a policy change isn't enough to get the intended outcome and agencies must go the extra step. Copyright hurdles over Victoria's bushfire data have been overcome, but there's little incentive to change the state's IT systems to help app developers create value. Read More