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Eight simple* rules for making stuff with government

Nine designers and developers embedded in three Victorian government agencies over six months. Using the Most Significant Change Technique, these participants and their Public Sector Innovation team colleagues distilled the findings and identified eight success factors for supporting innovation in government. Read More

Maximising value for money outcomes

Procurement managers from right across Australia’s public sector are continually striving to ensure they deliver the best value for money for tax payers and contribute to the strategic goals of their organisations. Read More

Social impact bonds, explained

A new approach to fighting poverty and solving some of society’s other big problems is emerging at a time when the federal government and states are cutting back on safety-net spending. Read More

2018 Public Sector Innovation Awards Finalists

The twelve finalists in the 2018 Public Sector Innovation Awards have been announced.  A joint activity of the Institute of Public Administration Australia and the Public Sector Innovation Network, with the support of EY, the awards are now in their third year. Read More