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Internet of Things

Smart Governments, Smart Cities

Every process and object can potentially be connected, captured and analysed. Using these insights, smart governments will have unprecedented ability to make intelligent, informed decisions that improve people’s lives. Read More

Is government prepared for the analytics economy?

The volume of data government generates, collects, exchanges and analyses is going through the roof. So what does it take to create a sound governance model that not only meets public expectations but can still glean useful context, intelligence and solid evidence to power effective policy? Read More

Rethinking web security against large local attacks

Cyber research for the Australian financial sector has revealed a significant increase in domestic attacks, suggesting public agencies need to strengthen their upstream defences and no longer rely only on geo-blocking to defend their key data. Read More

How to survive in the Wild West of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived, and government agencies are looking to protect themselves from its threats while still reaping its benefits. But with IoT security almost non-existent and standards still far away, what are the practical steps government needs to take to mitigate very real attack risks? Read More

Tom Burton: CIA exposes us all

The release of CIA hacking documents revealing widespread use of internet devices to spy on foreign targets has major implications for Australian government agencies and enterprises that have until now relied on Australia's low local threat environment. Read More

Why 5G and internet of things need fresh policy thinking

5G mobile with its super speed and low latency is predicted to unleash the internet of things and to be a real game changer. Regulators and policy makers need to update thinking around spectrum, regional subsidies and shared infrastructure to ensure Australia takes advantage of the data revolution. Read More