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national security

Food, climate change and national security

Climate change and food security are two inextricable issues for the modern international community, and Australians can add help resolve them through world-class research and innovation, says Frances Adamson. Read More

New INSLM James Renwick’s year of acting independently

The new acting Independent National Security Legislation Monitor James Renwick says he is honoured to take up the position. The PM says he'll have plenty of work to do, and for some reason it will take a whole year of "preparations" before it can be a permanent job. Read More

Federal ICAC case strong, despite anti-bribery measures

Anti-corruption processes across key federal entities, led by the Australian Federal Police, have been enhanced in recent years in response to major foreign bribery cases. But no matter how good these measures are, they do little to weaken the case for a federal ICAC. Read More