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New Zealand

Top bureaucrat pay rises unsustainable: NZ commissioner

Public servants shouldn't be earning the same soaring salaries as private sector executives, declared New Zealand's State Services Commissioner in his annual senior pay report, and is developing a new policy to ensure motivations other than remuneration are included. Read More

People-centred policy: an investment approach to justice

CASE STUDY: There are many approaches to people-centred policymaking. Experts in data analytics, behavioural insights and design thinking joined the NZ Ministry of Justice in a workshop to showcase the synergies between the methods, and the benefits for policy advice. Read More

Andrew Kibblewhite: the E-I-E-I-O of people-centred policy

Instead of thinking that any one new method of policymaking will be the silver bullet, the public service needs to build a more sophisticated toolkit and a multi-disciplinary approach to policy challenges, says NZ's top mandarin. Andrew Kibblewhite explores four capabilities and how they fit into people-centred policy. Read More