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New Zealand

People-centred policy: an investment approach to justice

CASE STUDY: There are many approaches to people-centred policymaking. Experts in data analytics, behavioural insights and design thinking joined the NZ Ministry of Justice in a workshop to showcase the synergies between the methods, and the benefits for policy advice. Read More

Andrew Kibblewhite: the E-I-E-I-O of people-centred policy

Instead of thinking that any one new method of policymaking will be the silver bullet, the public service needs to build a more sophisticated toolkit and a multi-disciplinary approach to policy challenges, says NZ's top mandarin. Andrew Kibblewhite explores four capabilities and how they fit into people-centred policy. Read More

Does myGov need a new bureaucratic supremo?

Is DTO taking over myGov, toppling Human Services as lead agency? The media narrative doesn't much resemble the policies from this campaign, and perhaps misses the more important trend inside digital services. Read More