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Open data

How can agencies promote ‘information confidence’?

It’s widely accepted that better decisions and evaluations in government are underpinned by evidence that harnesses multiple sources of data and information. The challenge public sector leaders now face is how to share and reuse government information assets for public value, and still maintain public trust. Read More

Managing the privacy and security complexities of open data

There is a clear opportunity for Australia to be a global leader in the data sharing industry with the Productivity Commission releasing its final report on Data Availability and Use shortly. But first there has to be a mind shift around the concept of trust and data sharing. Read More

Building the public goods of the 21st century

Had Fiona Stanley been constrained by today's data privacy demands we might never have learned how to reduce incidents of spina bifida. Many more digital public goods are languishing amid grand pronouncements. Rather, we need the whole system to start coalescing around common goals. Read More

Tom Burton: data rights for all

A proposed new legal right for consumers and businesses to control and access the data created about them is set to be one of the major reforms of this decade. Not everyone is supportive. Read More