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Australia’s march towards corporatocracy

Privatisation, declining regulatory oversight, and de-skilling of the public service can only entrench corporate power at the expense of public interest. Australia appears headed down the road to full-blown corporatocracy. Read More

ASIC registry sell-off scuttled

Despite hopes to reap billions, final bids did not deliver a net financial benefit for the Commonwealth. The big question now is whether open data principles will be extended to make corporate records free to access. Read More

Outsourcing creates ‘alibis’ for bad service

Unclear accountability has resulted in exactly what opponents of outsourcing feared, argues a new think tank report based on interviews with agencies' policy experts and external community services providers. It also found commissioning is misapplied. Read More

Who wins when states privatise electricity?

The head of Australia’s retail energy lobby, and former energy advisor to Labor governments, says the public interest is better served by electricity privatisation -- and evidence from SA and Victoria supports this. Read More