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Productivity Commission

Productivity Commission reinforces concerns about rushed NDIS rollout

The Productivity Commission confirms the initial roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is not going to be completed on time, even with the federal agency going like the clappers to sign up new participants. The National Disability Insurance Agency approved about 15,000 plans, or 165 a day, in the second quarter of this year. Based on its own modelling it will need to tick off about 500 a day, while also reviewing hundreds more. One of the major differences between the rollout and the PC's original proposal is that the NDIA is much smaller than originally envisaged. Read More

Hurry means worry for the NDIS, warns Productivity Commission

The NDIS budget is not in danger of a big blowout but the rollout might need to slow down. The National Disability Insurance Agency is taking steps to fix problems with the support planning process but the Productivity Commission isn't sure it can stick to the schedule at the same time. Read More