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Why 5G and internet of things need fresh policy thinking

5G mobile with its super speed and low latency is predicted to unleash the internet of things and to be a real game changer. Regulators and policy makers need to update thinking around spectrum, regional subsidies and shared infrastructure to ensure Australia takes advantage of the data revolution. Read More

The power shift to the hands of the citizen

Digital disruption is one of the biggest drivers of change we have witnessed in recent times and is rewriting the relationship government has with its citizens. This is the time to relish the significant opportunity for leaders in the public sector to rethink what’s possible, to build a dynamic relationship with citizens and use the technology available to drive innovation and agility. Read More

Emergency fast LANES overtake spectrum debate

The Productivity Commission is looking at the best way to satisfy national public safety mobile broadband needs. But there's a new technology that looks likely to get a guernsey because it sidesteps the debate around increasingly valued chunks of radio spectrum. Read More